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New Balance M2002RXJ

Velmi oblíbený produkt New Balance M2002RXJ pocházející od značky New Balance jednoduše můžete získat na našich stránkách teď právě za outletovou cenu! Ceny od 3 700 Kč.
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Značka: New Balance
3 700 5 000 Kč Sleva -26%

New Balance men’s shoes were made of very high quality leather.
The top has rounded and cut elements that give it an original look.
N-Durance rubber plastic placed under the sole in the heel increases resistance during strikes on the surface.
The N-Ergy outer sole provides perfect cushioning.

– Leather upper
– Lace-up closure for a secure fit
– Stability Web outsole technology provides additional arch support

N-Durance – rubber material located on the sole under the heel, ensures resistance during heel strikes.
Stability Web – helps the instep and perfectly controls the rotation of the foot during walking.
N–Ergy – our latest and most advanced technology cushioning system with an ultra-light dynamic cushion.
Now your effort and energy put into running comes back to you and does not remain on the surface.